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We invite you for a profitable Business. It is for great Industrialists, Traders and Investors of our Country and abroad.

Let move forward, let join hands with us for progress in quick changing circumstances of the world. Current era in the world of electronics and business, join us to make an international T.V. channel. Profitable Business of billions is waiting for your investment under the supervision of P.P.C. Islamabad and the largest journalist Organization of journalists working in the field P.C.U. It is the network equipped with the most modern information technology.

Ten thousand journalists of our organization, who are scattered in every nook and corner of the country, can become a symbol of success for any cause at our caution.

What we have more?

  • Achiever Successes are their destiny.

  • Compassionates a person who is worried about his society.

  • Communicator Persons who can show mirror to others to show his feelings.

  • Conceptualize such person who can create things with skill.

  • Dynamic who are really very energetic.

  • Manager who can arrange business and other aspects related to organization.

  • Talented who are bestowed with natural qualities having capabilities to do something.

  • Target Oriented who have capacity to get their targets.

  • Visionary they have a quality to observe the external world from their internal world due to their introspection.

  • Besides all these.

Institution Punjab Press ClubŪ is affiliated with a very vast network of media and communication. We have persons in our network, who have vast experience of communication and media. We are going to start an international news network by the cooperation of investors belonging to our country and from abroad. For this gigantic plan the executive of Punjab Press ClubŪ have managed a dynamic team, who has taken oath to give their loyalty to Punjab Press ClubŪ.



Best organizers are available in the team of P.P.C. (Registered) who has capability to make local operation profitable according to international standard of management. The persons having vast experience of leadership can drive the institution on the way of progress, are with us too.


We have such dynamic marketing professional as are able and having additional experience of media marketing. These persons will prefer to work in environment of competition for our institution.


The person having vast experience in T.V. programs and marketing have been serving for several years, who can plan the affairs of marketing and development of T.V. channels having prepared strategy of marketing and programming as chief creative strategist.

Punjab Press ClubŪ has such personalities, who have vast experience in the field of program production and they are great creative directors from all over the country. They remained success full in producing best programmers with their vast creative experience in international news T.V. channels. Besides all this, experienced persons are at our contact for the programs of entertainment, news current affaires, etc.

In the vast network of Punjab Press ClubŪ such professional persons are available for performing advertising and T.V. Production marketing has responsible capabilities for fulfilling all the targets assigned to them.

The persons who have vast experience in Up linking/Down linking, play out and compression technologies besides the persons with great experience and acquaintance with the instruments in studio and all shooting programs, beside persons who can do their jobs in outdoor/indoor and in studio too are with us.

The persons, who have the skill of competing international news T.V. channels, from station I.D. to modern technology, computer graphics, the experts of special effects and experience persons for total looking after the channels are at our contact.

The platform of Punjab Press ClubŪ has practiced experts having on line experience who can do their commitment with great responsibility of acquiring important project beside production. Be side all this they can even produce entertainment programs, news currant affaires, children programs sports and other programs, Curio graphic. The persons, who under stand the need of T.V. channels with respect to style are sophistication in the current era, are our contact. 

The persons who are excelled in conversation having great creative and literary capacity having complete command on different topics and can chat with other humorously and reasonably having taken their oath of loyalty with Punjab press ClubŪ they all are our contact.

Architectures working at international news and other entertainment interior designers who have grate experience of designers who have great experience of designing, are ready to join our T.V. channel. They are, too, at our contact.

Such production houses as believe in fully and such famous personalities are with us and are at our contact as are capable of producing their imagination on he paper or can do it practically or numerous T.V. Serials, Documentaries and even historical movies.

We have head researchers of banking having through knowledge of trade and economical affairs. We have also the experts who give their analysis on economical policies with commercial aspects. Beside it business reporters are working in our organization editorial a complete experienced editor of both national and international news paper journals and news channels is serving at the platform of P.P.C. 

Local and foreign scholars are available on the platform of P.P.C. who are serving their as a regular, employee are as an honorary members of P.P.C. and are famous among people too.

The minutes of the  Annual General Meeting of Punjab Press Club are available on request, please contact at info@ppcpakistan.com

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